"Titties" Golf Belt

  • "Titties" Golf Belt

"Titties" Golf Belt

Hilarious, Funny Golf Apparel and Hats

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    • Genuine Leather 
    • Solid Brass Hardware
    • Bespoke Woven Design


    • Small  30 - 33"
    • Medium 33 - 36"
    • Large 36 - 39"
    • X Large 39 - 42"

What People Are Saying About Us

Overall the website is well put together and easy to see Al product. The shipping was quick and the material is of amazing quality,which i was not expecting. I love this hat! I have referred my golf buddies to the site and it's safe to say we will all hopefully have a nice golf hat for the course next time we play. Great!

- Benjamin C.

Looked good and won our flight and a skin. Successful day

- Ryan K.

Most people don't understand it but the more i wear it out the more people ask me "does your hat say titties!?" Or ill hear people behind me saying "his hat says titties!" So naturally i love it

- Mike G.

Every time I get on the green, I usually putt the same amount of beers I've had. Which is at least 3.

- Jeremy L.

I'm such a hat junkie!!!

- Jules

Girlfriend got me this hat. We broke up. I kept the hat. Then I bought more stuff, these guys are awesome.

- Chuck W.